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Health Risk Screening Posted on 13 Jan 2015

Your local NHS in Haringey is planning to screen patients aged 18 and over already diagnosed with long-term conditions which include diabetes, respiratory disease and heart disease.

Health risk screening is now a commonly used practice within the NHS that entails accessing patient records electronically and using them to identify patients who may be at risk of future hospital admissions.

Patient names and addresses are not used in the screening process.

The results of the screening will enable your GP to decide whether you would benefit from their discussing your care with a multi-disciplinary care team made up of other health and, where relevant, social care professionals such as a district nurse or consultant physician. This may allow your GP to identify ways to improve your care and to agree any changes with you.

Your GP will seek your consent to discuss your case with the multi-disciplinary team and they will discuss with you any changes that are proposed.

Do I need to do anything to give my permission?

No. You do not need to do anything if you are happy to give your permission for a health screening or for your medical records to be shared ‘if needed’ as part of a clinical care discussion within the multi-disciplinary care team.

What if I do not want to give my permission?

If you have any concerns or wish to opt out of health screening you should speak to your Practice Manager. The Practice will ensure that your decision is recorded so your records will not be included in any screenings.

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